Pre and Post Production

Before the lights, the camera, the action, there is the unsung hero of any great video endeavor: pre-production. Sure, being on set has its own allure; and yeah, post-production is where the story really comes together. But without the thoughtful, meticulous work done in pre-production none of that would even be possible. In short, pre-production is where you build a solid, reliable base that sets your video up for success.

At the risk of being reductive, pre-production is all about two things: top level creative and logistics.

On the creative side, pre-production is all about fine tuning your concept, writing a polished script, storyboarding, etc. Really just doing anything and everything possible to ensure you have a firm grasp on the story you want to weave.

Conversely, the logistical side of pre-production is where you work out how you’ll make that big picture a reality. Who’s the best fit to play this role? Where’s a good place that fits this scene description? Oh, and what will these shoot days actually look like? Knowing the precise answer to all of these questions (and just so, so many more) is the job of any great pre-production team.

Luckily, we have one of the most trusted, on-point pre-production crew in the business.